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Basement Makeover

1Basement Room Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

1Basement Room Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

Remember this unique wallpaper from the Stair Makeover we did a while back?? It was here when we moved in and  I’m so glad to say it’s no longer a part of the scenery!  Those ships have sailed into the sunset!!!    One of our projects over the holidays was to work on the Basement room.  It was a playroom, a model train room, an exercise room  and, eventually, a very tired room.  A fresh wall made that even more obvious.  Here’s what was here — besides the ships: 

4Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

A wall full of overflowing bookshelves.  I sold many of them, donated a bunch and whittled almost 5000 down to about 500.

4a Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy Model trains, cars, and anything else that had wheels  were displayed on the two long walls at head height.

2Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

Unpainted doors covered the water meter.

2Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

And this “lovely” carpet that has been here literally for decades — before we owned the house!

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work:

4b Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

A whole pickup load of “stuff” went to charity.  Exercise equipment, wicker furniture, toys, office material —  ruthless!  Some of it was there only because we never had   made time to move it out.  Time to go!!! 

5a Basment Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy
Wheels and Bytes replaced all the ceiling tiles for a much needed fresh look.  New lights were added.  Now we wonder how we ever navigated across the dark room to the adjacent laundry without them!  And we continued to move things out . . out. . out.  The laundry was full of things we were keeping. 

7 Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

Even the carpet came out so we could install THIS new look and a complete blank slate for starting over.  Well, except for that nautical lamp that’s always been there.  And things like the treadmill and “stuff” temporarily stored in the laundry room.  As close to a blank slate as we could get!   The bookshelves are gone, the display shelves disassembled, the walls cleaned.

6 Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

 The paneling was installed by a previous owner.  It was there (no time or money required),  in good shape and acceptable!   We painted all the exposed woodwork gray to blend with the paneling.  Getting rid of the contrast between the gray paneling and the dark stained woodwork makes the room look sooo much bigger!   I was too frugal to  buy the receptacles for Wheels to change out, but I did buy new outlet covers that blend in better.   I visited a “world renowned teaching hospital” about the same time we did this and noted they did the same thing in their gray walled waiting room!  I didn’t feel so bad — if they can be cheap, so can I!  Looks better than all stark white! 

8Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

The ship wall was covered with white paintable beadboard paper.  Two coats of gray paint. 

9 Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

The makeover is still in progress, but you can see the direction it is taking.  Water meter doors now blend into the background with the newly painted baseboards.  Shopping the house for furniture that fits the new purpose.  Art work — framed black and white photos by Wheels from our travels. 

10Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

It’s about time this place got a makeover!  Has the important things needed for a workout room — clock and tv! Or will it end up a man cave?  Or . . .???

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Top Favorite Posts of 2014

top favorite posts 2014 -- A Pinch of Joy

top favorite posts 2014 -- A Pinch of Joy

I like doing things by the dozen.   Dozen was one of the first “shortcut” words I learned.  A dozen is a shortcut for saying the number twelve, my mother said.  I wasn’t sure why it was a shortcut since it took the same amount of time to say one as it did the other.  My itty bitty self was “whatev” with these grownups and their ways.  Still “dozen” was a fun word to say with that zippy “z” in the middle and I wore my poor mother out with my dozen cheerios, dozen socks, dozen hairbands.    I still like dozens. . . so here ya go:  the dozen top posts from 2014.  Share your favorites — pin, stumble, whatev. . . .

12. How to hang a wall cabinet —  I found a great wall cabinet for the master bath for just $5!  Hanging it was a snap.  


11.  Scrambled Egg Breakfast Cups — A quick, tasty and healthy breakfast to make ahead!    


10.  Cheese Broccoli Noodle Soup  — A filling, delicious hot meal in a dish with noodles, cheese and broccoli. Quick and easy — done in about twenty minutes. 


9.  How to Make a Bandana Dress 


8. Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup — Simple, delicious, filling, nutritious, warm goodness!

Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup -- A Pinch of Joy

 7.  Three Reasons to Remodel Your Kitchen – First in a series


6. Grilled Pork Chops with Sauteed Apples  — A Bytes quick and easy recipe 

5. Hot Roast Beef Party Sandwiches  — Sweet and savory addition to the party table, a hot sandwich that pleases everyone!

4.  Dress Up Your Garage Entry

3.  Creamy Chicken Enchiladasjust slightly spicy and comfort food filling.  Easy to make is a bonus!

2.  Pina Colada Squares — All the tropical goodness of pineapple and coconut in a super smooth no-bake dessert!

Number 1 How to Make a Parka for 18″ Doll with pattern  I almost did not post this because I thought I was the only one who would make a parka for a doll!  Thanks to everyone who pinned!  I hope you enjoy making it and the littles who receive it have fun with it. How-to-make-a-Parka-for-18-doll-A-Pinch-of-Joy

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