Changing colors

Changing colors from Old World Tuscan to Mediterranean Cote d Azur
Changing colors from Old World Tuscan to Mediterranean Cote d Azur

A peek at the changing colors in the living room.  Original colors are bold, deep and rich from Old World Tuscany – rich terra cotta, deep gold, emerald sage, tumeric yellow.  The new palette is sunkissed Mediterranean with clean watery blues, sophisticated grays and creams, a bit of smoky orchid.   I’m excited to see it begin to pull together!

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The View from the Office Window

View out the office Window -- A Pinch of Joy
The view from my office window will be changing soon. . . .

View out the office Window -- A Pinch of Joy

because the sign in the front yard changed.  .  .

In contract - realtor's sign

Had open house one Sunday and accepted an offer the next Sunday! 

For a different view. . .
Deck Garden
  Here we are looking toward the office (where the light is in the window) from the vantage point of the photographer’s drone!  The photographer did a fabulous job and made us look really good!  It was fascinating watching him manipulate the quad copter and snap pictures using his cellphone to control the camera.  We will miss this deck!! 

Backyard -- Drone shot
Another great shot by Andy, the photographer.  The perennials, mostly hostas and other shade lovers,  were in full bloom.  I didn’t put out annuals this year — no time! — but I did buy a few hanging pots for a bit of color.   You can tell it had just rained again.  This yard had nothing but a few straggly raspberry bushes and a sad weeping willow when we moved in. I put every single stepping stone in place, divided the hostas, and planted the hydrangeas.  Bytes built the “Great Wall of China” retaining wall as my Christmas gift one year.  Wheels and Bytes put together the raised garden beds.  Looking forward to creating a new garden in the new place — with sunshine!!

Thanks for your patience and understanding while we transition to a new home 1000 miles away!

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Install drawer pulls the easy way

Install drawer pulls the easy way -- A Pinch of Joy
Install drawer pulls the easy way -- A Pinch of Joy

Our “Before Kitchen” had seven small drawers.  The “After Kitchen” has one very large drawer to replace two of the seven plus one small drawer next to the range that holds spatulas and whisks.  Definitely some tradeoffs!!!  I now keep my towels in a basket in a cupboard instead of a drawer.  But I have a great place to store cookie sheets and cutting boards that were formerly in the garage!  Worth losing some small drawers.  Those two new drawers had to have drawer pulls installed to make them fully useful. Imagine!  Here’s how Bytes did it:

  • Count out the number of pulls needed.
  • Place them on the copier glass very carefully so as not to scratch or mar the glass.
  • Press copy.  If the resulting image is not readable, it may be because the top of the copier won’t close over the pulls.  Try draping a towel over the pulls on the glass, while keeping them all upright.
  • Determine and mark placement of pulls on the drawer front.  I wanted pulls in the center of the drawer front and above the interior front wall.  That way the screws only had to go through one layer of wood.
  • Cut the images apart.   Determine and mark the middle of the paper image.
  • Match the middle of the drawer and the paper image at the predetermined location, check to make sure the image of the pull is level and tape the paper image in place.
  • Pierce the paper image at the correct location for the screws, either with a small drill bit or a nail to mark the correct placement on the drawer front.  If you drill through the paper template, it will shift so mark before even thinking about drilling.  (Even though two holes are shown on either side of the pulls, package directions said to use one screw per side.)  He used the outside set of holes.
  • Drill holes at the marked location.
  • Insert screws from the inside of the drawer, add handles and tighten screws. 
  • Done! 

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