Caramel Apple Salad
Prep time
A creamy, caramelly salad starring fresh apples and pecans!
Serves: 8
  • 4 medium apples, diced
  • ⅔ cup pecans
  • 1 pkg instant sugar free butterscotch pudding mix, dry
  • 1 8 ounce can crushed pineapple with juice
  • 8 ounce container of frozen whipped topping
  • 1 tablespoon caramel sauce for drizzling on top, optional
  • 2 tablespoons toffee bits for sprinkling on top, optional
  1. Peel apples, if desired. Quarter and core, then dice or chop.
  2. Add dry butterscotch pudding mix to chopped apples. Stir thoroughly to coat apples.
  3. Add pecans and crushed pineapple. Mix well.
  4. Fold in thawed whipped topping.
  5. Cover and refrigerate overnight.
  6. Garnish with caramel sauce and/or toffee bits, if desired
Charlene @ A Pinch of Joy
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ½ cup
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