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Kitchen in Transition:  Crockpot Central  -- A Pinch of Joy
Cooking is definitely a challenge when your kitchen is a major construction area!   I made a temporary kitchen in the dining room.  Sharing this morning in case you are thinking of ripping out your kitchen for a redo — a dose of reality!!  It will be so worth it all in the long run.   This is Crockpot Central.  I have the lunch crockpot going and am getting ready to load the dinner crockpot.

Work Space
The Work Station is on a corner of the dining table.  I’m making a crockpot peach cobbler.  You won’t be reading that recipe here.  Total fail even though the work crew gamely ate a portion each — they were really hungry, which helped it go down :-). 

Coffee and Snack Station
The all important coffee, tea and snack station.  We break about 4ish each afternoon for a sit down snack, because we are usually involved in something that can’t be easily interupted for dinner.  We’ve had everything from ice cream and cookies to apple slices and peanut butter to lunch leftovers and a bag of baby carrots — all at one snack time. 

Microwave Center -- Temporary Kitchen
Microwave central gets a good share of traffic.  The totes hold kitchen utensils and necessities.  I use what is on top instead of being particular about the “right” utensil.  Oh yeah — if you are thinking about doing a kitchen redo, remember to put a hand can opener in the tote you will be working from — not in the basement in the tote at the bottom of a pile–because you will need one sooner or later!   And prepare to do dishes in odd places because there is no kitchen water supply!   Even using paper goods, there WILL be dishes of some sort to wash.

Fancy Lunch
We still took time for a “fancy” lunch to celebrate a birthday.  Note the cutting board placemats — heat shields because hot foods on thin plates need them.   The actual work is coming along well, in spite of some obstacles and puzzles.  I can’t wait to share the results with you! 

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  1. Thanks for the tips! This post is very timely. For the second time now, I’m using a “transitional” kitchen–except it’s not transitional, I’m living (and lived before) in a space without kitchen conveniences. I have a mini-fridge, an electric skillet, a sink, and (this time around) a microwave. I’m thinking about a crockpot, but I have not enjoyed using them in the past.

    One trick, if you do not have access to a full-size fridge, is that a lot of the things Americans refrigerate don’t actually need refrigeration (learned this when living overseas). If you’re stuck with a mini-fridge, reconsider what *must* be kept cool.
    Rachel recently posted…MovingMy Profile

    • It is a challenge not having all the “conveniences” but it can work with a little thought and planning. I think the microwave is more versatile than the crockpot as a kitchen stove replacement — after my short experience :-). Great moving tips, by the way — especially creating a staging area. You are in beautiful country!
      Charlene recently posted…Busy Monday 108My Profile

  2. Too funny! I’m impressed you’re still putting meals together! I guarantee we would be eating out ESPECIALLY since we don’t own a microwave.

    Funny you mentioned the can opener. I wonder what ALL-IMPORTANT tools I’d want to keep right near by.

    When will the remodel be done?
    Bethany K recently posted…2048My Profile

    • I will have to admit the number of trips out to pick up something to eat have increased in frequency as time goes on! But I did impress myself by cooking pasta in the microwave yesterday for a salad. 🙂 I still don’t have a stove hooked up, but we dived in and also dismantled two bathrooms while my brother is still here to help — insanity! I hope the stove will go in tomorrow –and the finish date for the kitchen is in sight!!
      Charlene recently posted…Busy Monday 108My Profile