$5 Bathroom Cabinet Transformed

Bathroom Cabinet Transformation

The kitchen remodel isn’t the only place we are working in the house.  The whole place is topsy turvy.  When my brother came for a couple of weeks to lend his considerable expertise, we  had him work on the kitchen AND two bathrooms.  He left us with a huge amount of work done and instructions on how to complete the transformation.  We already had the basement redo partially done and one bedroom with new floor and paint.  Two other bedrooms are in various stages of storage and getting ready to paint and install flooring.  The fence man comes in a few days to install a replacement fence . . . . In short we are juggling many projects at once!  While something is drying in one room, we are working in another so we ARE making progress overall.  It is SOOO encouraging to finally complete a project.

Introducing the bathroom cabinet transformation.   This spacious beauty has been setting in the basement for several months awaiting its turn.  It finally came!   And the best part . . . .

$5 Bathroom Cabinet
It only cost $5.  Yes, five dollars!   We went to a church “garage sale”  and found this setting forlornly by itself with a little orange dot on one corner.  $5 the dot proclaimed.  I saw the potential immediately — Wheels took a little persuasion.  Nothing in our house is maple, he said.  And my reply — this won’t be maple either.  When I explained that one this size and this quality with soft close doors would be many times $5, he began to soften.  Then I threw in the notion that I would use leftover paint for zero cost and maybe even gain space by emptying a can.   That sealed the deal.   He just gave me “that look”  and asked if I thought it would fit in the trunk. 

There was no paint on it.   Just maple.  I forgot to take a before picture.  So imagine this slightly dusty, light colored tall cabinet in perfect condition with an orange $5 sticker on the corner and no paint.  All possibility and potential. 

Here it is — primed inside and out.  Primer helps the finish paint “stick” to the old surface.   I cleaned the cabinet surfaces thoroughly with a pre paint cleaner I had on hand to remove grime and any oil that might be present.  I primed it and let it dry overnight. See how big it is — longer than the old card table used for a paint table.  I’m so excited!!!  Over a bathroom cabinet!!!! 

It’s going to replace this little cabinet with its two shelves and country style.   And oak wood.  We have no oak in our house besides this either.   Buh-bye! 

Next week:  The install and finished project! 

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