Painting progress

Progress in painting the new house - dining room

Progress in painting the new house - dining room

We managed to put quite a few gallons of paint on the past several days!  The dining room went from deep gold to soft Tradewind (Sherwin Williams).  Every wall is so deeply colored that it takes three coats to cover — primer and two coats of color.  Every. wall.  That is why it is taking us so long:-)

The light fixtures also express an Old World Tuscan flavor with oil rubbed bronze and gold globes.  One of the things we noted when looking at the house was the consistency.  There was an obvious master vision and it carried all the way through.   The colors flowed and were consistent with architectural details and accessories like the light fixtures.   Wheels said as we walked out the door on our first visit that this house was a jewel box.  Our vision is different but we are working toward our own jewel box effect.  (Fingers crossed!)

Kitchen - cutting in above cupboards

Bytes is cutting in the primer above the kitchen cabinets.  Walls are 9 feet high which adds to the challenge!  The color here will also be SW Tradewind, which goes well with the tile backsplash and granite.  We’ve all learned to cut in without using masking tape.  Saves a TON of time!   Yeah, that’s a really dark spot on the kitchen ceiling.  It’s from a batch of paint that was  mixed differently.  That 10 foot square has been repainted.  Twice.

Fan removed - celling patch in progress

The ceiling has been painted from the front door to the back door.  Rather than using stark white, I chose Heron Plume (SW) — a soft warm barely there baby brown.  There was a huge fan in the middle of the living room that we removed.  (I can’t tolerate air movement across my shoulders –one of the remnants of an auto accident.)  It makes the room look SO much bigger without it. Still needs to have the patch finished, though.

We’ve also been able to unpack more boxes and get things a little more organized here and there.  Feels like progress!   New Home updates:  Changing colors      Solar tubes    Painting Progress     Home Update Week 7    Home Update Week 11    Week 19 Painter’s Progress   New Home Update Week 22  

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Basement Makeover

1Basement Room Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

1Basement Room Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

Remember this unique wallpaper from the Stair Makeover we did a while back?? It was here when we moved in and  I’m so glad to say it’s no longer a part of the scenery!  Those ships have sailed into the sunset!!!    One of our projects over the holidays was to work on the Basement room.  It was a playroom, a model train room, an exercise room  and, eventually, a very tired room.  A fresh wall made that even more obvious.  Here’s what was here — besides the ships: 

4Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

A wall full of overflowing bookshelves.  I sold many of them, donated a bunch and whittled almost 5000 down to about 500.

4a Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy Model trains, cars, and anything else that had wheels  were displayed on the two long walls at head height.

2Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

Unpainted doors covered the water meter.

2Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

And this “lovely” carpet that has been here literally for decades — before we owned the house!

We rolled up our sleeves and got to work:

4b Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

A whole pickup load of “stuff” went to charity.  Exercise equipment, wicker furniture, toys, office material —  ruthless!  Some of it was there only because we never had   made time to move it out.  Time to go!!! 

5a Basment Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy
Wheels and Bytes replaced all the ceiling tiles for a much needed fresh look.  New lights were added.  Now we wonder how we ever navigated across the dark room to the adjacent laundry without them!  And we continued to move things out . . out. . out.  The laundry was full of things we were keeping. 

7 Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

Even the carpet came out so we could install THIS new look and a complete blank slate for starting over.  Well, except for that nautical lamp that’s always been there.  And things like the treadmill and “stuff” temporarily stored in the laundry room.  As close to a blank slate as we could get!   The bookshelves are gone, the display shelves disassembled, the walls cleaned.

6 Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

 The paneling was installed by a previous owner.  It was there (no time or money required),  in good shape and acceptable!   We painted all the exposed woodwork gray to blend with the paneling.  Getting rid of the contrast between the gray paneling and the dark stained woodwork makes the room look sooo much bigger!   I was too frugal to  buy the receptacles for Wheels to change out, but I did buy new outlet covers that blend in better.   I visited a “world renowned teaching hospital” about the same time we did this and noted they did the same thing in their gray walled waiting room!  I didn’t feel so bad — if they can be cheap, so can I!  Looks better than all stark white! 

8Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

The ship wall was covered with white paintable beadboard paper.  Two coats of gray paint. 

9 Basement Makeover -- a Pinch of Joy

The makeover is still in progress, but you can see the direction it is taking.  Water meter doors now blend into the background with the newly painted baseboards.  Shopping the house for furniture that fits the new purpose.  Art work — framed black and white photos by Wheels from our travels. 

10Basement Makeover -- A Pinch of Joy

It’s about time this place got a makeover!  Has the important things needed for a workout room — clock and tv! Or will it end up a man cave?  Or . . .???

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Checking out the Parade of Homes

Parade of Homes - A Pinch of Joy

Parade of Homes

Wheels and I toured the local Parade of Homes recently, along with hundreds of others like the couple above. The general theme was horse country so there were lots of visual references to rural life, like the barn looking garage.   Of course, the homes were beautiful, showed off the builders best and were in the not quite a million dollar price range. Three car garages were the standard and there were a couple of four car garages. Six bedrooms, each with a bathroom. Some had main floor master suites as well as a second floor master, a couple also had a mother in law suite on the lower level.   A couple of bathrooms on the main level and more on the lower level gave each house between 5 and 8 bathrooms. Half had full movie theaters with room sized screens and theater seating. In each of those houses, the adjacent bar space also had a very large screen. And another very large screen in the family space next to that. (Think open concept. Think Frozen in the family area, action film in the theater and chick flick in the bar all at once!) All had multiple decks/patios, including one roof top deck and several that opened into the master suite. Several had doggie showers, and one had a small doggie suite,  near the main floor laundry. Quite a lifestyle statement overall!

We went for ideas and found them everywhere. The ones that appealed to us and made the time worthwhile were the affordable ones. Like color. I was delighted to see the turquoise and gray colors in our house well represented in the show homes. Trend setters, we are! The accent colors most often used with that combination were yellow and coral. Loved both of them! 

  wall Molding

Beautiful molding in one house gave an idea for a little problem corner in our new kitchen and helped refine the concept for our master bedroom (see the photo above. I won’t be using the emerald green color scheme, though.) In another house, curtains fastened to a piece of one x four inch pine and mounted like shelves above the eight foot windows drew a lot of attention from DIYers, who peeked behind to see why there were no rods. We clustered around and named off the parts needed from the hardware store and speculated as to how curtains were fastened on top to maintain the pleats. Sorry the picture didn’t work! Next time I will take the camera and plan to take pictures,  not just decide to use a cell phone halfway through the tour!

Another house had the solution for a tiny bathroom window treatment I’ve been puzzling over. The corrugated tin roofing used as wainscoting looked cool in the teen guy’s bedroom – but I won’t be using that idea.  Or the hundreds of individual one inch crystals nailed individually to the bathroom wall. Or some other concepts that were equally intriguing, arty and just weird. But there are lots of other little ideas that will find their way into use!  

One not quite teen girl was walking with her mother ahead of us as we were leaving. “I can’t wait to get home”, she said, “and repaint my room and start doing things around the house!”   I’m with her! Can’t wait!

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